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Mindful Movement Flow
Break free from your routine and dive into a mindful movement flow class that will guide you through intuitive stretching, energizing exercises, and dropping into the present moment for ultimate mind body soul awareness.
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10AM-11:15AM   |   CHACE MILL

"I attended the most beautiful and peaceful movement class lead by Kate that left my heart full and my body rejuvenated. Kate is one of the most calming and beautiful souls I've ever met. She lead our class with passion and provided the perfect amount of instruction and support to accommodate all fitness levels. The community and energy in the class was unmatched, not to mention the summery beachy vibes of a workout session by the lake. I can't wait to be back on mat with this gem of a human!! Kate, thank you for creating a motivating and inclusive space for movement 🩷"             - Meg

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Energy is constantly trying to flow in and out of us, turning over what no longer serves to create what does. Every cell in our body functions in the now. Even when our minds are elsewhere, our cells process those thoughts in the now. Reenter your flow, and find synchrony between your mind, body, and soul through mindful movement. Become a student to the intuitive guidance of your body.

The worlds of personal training and dance collide in this space, teaching you how to perform movements that approach you as a holistic being; functional movement designed to support your long term health. 


We'll begin by centering ourselves through a guided meditation, inviting you to connect with your inner vessel and set your intentions for the practice ahead. We'll gently start to awaken our bodies through breath and movement.


As the class progresses, we'll build a little more fire. Engaging our mind to muscle connection, fostering a deeper sense of yourself in your space. Each movement will elevate your energy and help you release what no longer serves, welcoming new energy in.


This class is designed to help you explore your inner guide, find confidence in navigating your journey, and integrate mindful movement into your daily life as a resourceful tool. With a rhythm that encourages deep breathing and flow between mind and body, you'll have ample time to let go of tension, reconnect with yourself and embrace the present moment fully. This class will be a little more fiery than the last one.


Please remember to bring a yoga mat and yourself just as you are. If you have a looped exercise band, feel free to bring it along. Our class will be held at Chace Mill in Burlington, with the exact studio room details provided via email upon booking.


Prior to the class, please inform me of any injuries or limitations so that I can tailor modifications to accommodate your needs. Join us for a transformative experience where you'll learn to move with intention, listen to your body's wisdom, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

The class is $15 - please Venmo to reserve your spot and add your email below!

Looking forward to seeing you 

xo Kate

Thank you! Don't forget to secure your spot below x

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